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It has been the commitment of Magnifica to provide its clients with cost effective, transparent and ideally stress-free visa application. We understand that each applicant has different qualifications so we evaluate your chance of application by giving you an initial free assessment of your case. Then, we present the options available to you, and we assist you in every step of the way.

If your qualification suits one of our programs, our professional services include the following:

  • Preparation of Documents- all your relevant documents will be evaluated by our team of highly experienced staff. This would ensure that your application meets the stringent Embassy requirements.
  • Submission of Documents- your visa application along with your supporting documents would be submitted to the Embassy for approval.
  • Monitoring of Application- to keep track of the progress of your application, a regular follow-up is being carried out.
  • Preparation for an interview- in case you are called for an interview with the Immigration Officer, you would undergo a mock interview with our assessor to prepare you for real interview process.
  • Pre- Departure Orientation- once your visa is granted, we provide you with all the necessary information needed in order for you to be more familiarize with your destination country.

A speedy approval of your application is one of Magnifica’s objectives.


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