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Study Abroad Overview:

Developed countries are renowned for its academic excellence. The quality of education that you will receive increases your marketability and builds a strong foundation for future success. Employers around the word have high esteem for professionals who have gained qualification in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Thus, international students have the best chances to convert their student visa into working visa upon the completion of their course.

In countries like Australia and New Zealand ageing people is increasing and this explains the high demand for healthcare workers. In fact, there is a shortage of nurses in NZ and other countries around the world. On the other hand, most developed countries are also in dire need for IT and Hospitality Practitioners who have international qualifications.

Moreover, the course that you have completed will also entitle you to immigration points should you wish to consider migration to Au and NZ. The courses being offered by Magnifica are part of the Long Term Skill Shortage List. This is a list of occupations in Au and NZ recognized as having identified in absolute shortage of skilled workers. Having stated this, your overseas education would be a strong foundation and stepping stone towards permanent residency.  

Why should I apply for a student visa?

A student visa is one of most viable option to start a rewarding career abroad. Realistically speaking entry to foreign countries require someone who is either with an extensive employment background that banks on experience or an individual who gained an international credential. Admittedly majority of the Filipinos who fall short on both are struggling to even have a head start. Hence, this is where the student visa plays a crucial and important role in fulfilling one of the classic Filipino dream- to seek a greener pasture overseas.

Being a student visa holder, allows you to immerse yourself into the culture and generally the way of life of your host country. Hence, this shapes your " independent personality" which in turn will help you overcome the multi-faceted demands of your new home. One of the reservations of any applicant who is new to the idea of student visa are the fees involve starting from the application process and the duration of the study but come to think of it as an investment for a future sealed with financial freedom. If you see it as a financial risk, then you should consider a local employment instead having a minimum wage in next three years or more. It makes sense right? On the lighter note,working part time while studying allows you to cope up with your tuition fee and other financial issues at the same time. In addition, this will make us understand the working environment, rules and regulations of the labor force. This experiences will introduce you to the practicality of living there and in the long run starting a career.