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Why pursue a career overseas?

A recent study by the Philippine statistics revealed that Filipino workers are the top foreign workers in the world. There are an estimated seven million Filipino workers in the world. This mass exodus of Filipino workers is being labelled as, ’’The Filipino Diaspora.”Why are Filipino workers in-demand abroad? Aside from the fact they supply the much needed labour force for these countries, they are regarded by foreign employers for their work-ethics, hard work, intellect and independence.

In the economics perspective, the major push factor for immigration is the unstable economic situation in the country. Therefore, it is now a common nature for Filipinos to seek for greener pastures overseas not only for personal satisfaction but for the betterment of their families. There is a huge disparity of what they are earning domestically compared to their potential income abroad. For instance, health professionals earn on an hourly basis the monetary value that they usually earn on daily basis here in the Philippines. As a result, a growing number of professionals are motivated to pursue a career overseas.

At present, gaining an international qualification is stepping stone in establishing a long-time career overseas. This is due to the fact employers abroad are looking for skilled and competent workers. In the era of globalization, international education is the key to your success. Indeed, this serves as your gateway to global job market.
Establishing a career overseas will pave way for career advancement. By doing so, you can secure a better future for your love ones by increasing your chances of immigration. Developed countries are characterized by robust economies that guarantee diverse opportunities in employment, education and healthcare.

Improving your quality of life is a matter of choice.
There are endless opportunities within our reach and with Magnifica, your one step closer to your dreams!